Learning Curve: Don’t Follow the Leader

Sometimes it may seem wise to follow the line of the guy in front of you, however that’s not always such a great idea. Take the line that best fits you and your style. Everyone is different in some way or another. Whether its stance, weight, board setup, personal preference, ect, it’s always smarter to hurl your self down the hill based on your own decisions. Here’s a clip to get an idea of how following the leader can complicate things with a little bonus raw run to get you to the bottom of the run.

Raw Alaska


Sidewalk Surfer pre order for AZ LOCALS live NOW !

Hey all you AZ SKATERS! The another run of skatePHX Rayne SymAvenger is being made, but only in a small batch quantity ! Make sure to place your pre order through the link below by JUNE 16th to get your hands on one of these decks!!!! After the pre order closes it will take a few weeks and the decks will be available for pick up from Sidewalk Surfer ! We hope to see some order from people statewide and hope you all  enjoy !



sk8phx symvenger



skatePHX x Rayne Limited Edition Decks

The time has finally come ! The skatePHX x Rayne collab project has begun. Make sure to get your hands on one of these bad boys as quickly as you can! We have created both Darksides and Savages with a limited edition graphic, and they are available now through Sidewalk Surfer in Scottsdale, as well as online at Rayne ! Get them while you can because we cant promise they will be around for long!!!  Thanks so much for all of your support!!! 



Raw Run: DDC Ritual 2.0

Munkae Trucks team riders Justin Dailey and Cole Kurtz skate down one of their favorite AZ mountain runs. Justin has been a California transplant and will now be making his way back home to the hills of Escondido. We want to give a shout out to J Days for everything he has done for our community and for always pushing the limits. It was great having you in AZ and im sure you will catch us coming to visit soon buddy!!!!!!

2013 Recap: Episode 3

More PHX locals. Meet Swanny and the Mesa Cats.

Visitor: Alex Colorito

Original Skateboard’s Team Rider Alex Coloritio made his way out to our neck of the woods to start of 2014 the right way. After a few days of skating and lots of lurking, this is what we were able to document . Enjoy

2013 Recap: Episode 2 | SDA

It brings us great joy to bring you the second installment of the 2013 Recap series. This episode features a crew of riders based here in PHX known as SDA. These guys are always pushing their limits and having a great time doing it. And If you are curious what SDA stands for, tough luck. “If you don’t know , you’ll never know.”

2013 Recap Episode 1

365 days of skatePHX! Here are the first six minutes recapping our adventures last year, and we’ve only scratched the surface of epicness. This episode features a visit from the Muir Skate Team, the ex-local Fisk Brothers and visitor Anthony Janow.

Raw Run: Hands Down with Cole Kurtz

Cole doing some weird stuff down a Santa Barbara favorite.


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