2013 Recap: Episode 3

More PHX locals. Meet Swanny and the Mesa Cats.

Visitor: Alex Colorito

Original Skateboard’s Team Rider Alex Coloritio made his way out to our neck of the woods to start of 2014 the right way. After a few days of skating and lots of lurking, this is what we were able to document . Enjoy

2013 Recap: Episode 2 | SDA

It brings us great joy to bring you the second installment of the 2013 Recap series. This episode features a crew of riders based here in PHX known as SDA. These guys are always pushing their limits and having a great time doing it. And If you are curious what SDA stands for, tough luck. “If you don’t know , you’ll never know.”

2013 Recap Episode 1

365 days of skatePHX! Here are the first six minutes recapping our adventures last year, and we’ve only scratched the surface of epicness. This episode features a visit from the Muir Skate Team, the ex-local Fisk Brothers and visitor Anthony Janow.

Raw Run: Hands Down with Cole Kurtz

Cole doing some weird stuff down a Santa Barbara favorite.


Enjoy this mellow cruise down a chundery mountain road with Tyler Howell, James Ware, Justin Suryanata, and Cole Kurtz.

2013 Recap Trailer

2013 has been a year packed full of skateboarding adventures and unexpected vistors. Get hyped for the full series.

Following Cole – Get Vicious

Here is the latest skatePHX production, featuring our own Cole Kurtz cruising some of the finest mountain roads the West Coast has to offer

Tucson Fall Slide Jam

Justin Dailey: The Darkside of Radington

Justin Dailey’s latest from Tucson – check out this short edit on the new skatePHX Darkside.
Filmed & Edited by Austin Paine


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